Home renovations are pretty popular. That’s an understatement. There are entire channels on television devoted to home improvement. That doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of home improvement consumerism in stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. It’s no wonder, either. Spend enough time in your home and you begin to get bored with the decor, or you find issues with how efficiently your home runs. Sitting in your bed watching reruns of This Old House and you can’t help but be sparked with inspiration for your humble abode. Well, for a little light reading, here’s a list of the most popular home renovations and why they’re so sought after.

The Kitchen

Nothing will ever outrank the kitchen in home renovation popularity. Bathrooms are giving it a run for its money, but there will always be room for improvement in the kitchen. In fact, contractors were polled and reported that 81% of their jobs were in the kitchen. Why? Well, so much happens there. If you’re a homemaker of any sort, you probably feel like you live in your kitchen. Food brings people together and its preparation takes time. Having a kitchen that’s cramped and small makes it really uninticing for work. Using your kitchen to make the majority of your meals not only improves your health and nutrition, but it also saves you money. Improving appliances, storage, and work space is always worth the investment.


We already said it, but this room is getting a lot more attention these days. Let’s just chalk it up to an ever rising grind of work activity in the world. It’s kind of a crazy phenomenon that’s caught our society, this idea that we must work ourselves to the bone to be valuable or a good contributor to the world. Your bathroom offers up the perfect escape from all this stress. Nothing melts the day’s events away like a nice hot shower or long soak in a tub. More and more, the trend is particularly leaning towards luxury and a spa feel. Don’t know if you’re morning or shower people, whatever floats your boat, the bathroom is where we get to refresh and begin anew. 

Master Bedroom Suites

Speaking of having a place to get away from it all, the master bedroom is the next best place to focus your efforts. The bathroom still maintains some element of sheer function (everybody poops) but the bedroom is strictly r&r. Your needs for this room are a place to sleep and storage for shoes and clothing. Walk-in closets with customized storage for accessories as well as your clothes and shoes not only create a sense of luxury, but they also help keep things organized and tidy (which also helps free up mental energy so you can focus on what really matters). Some popular “suite” features are combining the master bed with the master bath. Other special features include a sitting area for t.v. viewing to keep relaxing with your favorite show separate from the rest you need in your bed. A home office or meditation area is another creative use for extra space in a master bedroom. 

There’s a litany of possibilities within your home for improvements, we’re sure. But if you haven’t touched on either of these three rooms and you want to give yourself the gift of a little sanctuary, then look no further than these rooms. When your house makes the basics of living easier and more enjoyable, you’ll be better able to go out into the world with your best foot forward each and every morning.