The roaring twenties are back! Economic crises, closing bars, and all! Now that we’ve had a depressing laugh, we’re with you. Those are not the resurgences we wanted to see. But we’re seeing a 1920s, art deco return as well. That isn’t the only popular trend this season, though. Here’s a look at what’s hot in the world of interior design.

A Return To Nature
For quite a while now, the grind til you die lifestyle has pervaded our entire existence. Granted, there are still regions where simplicity reigns supreme, but in a world of ever advancing technological capabilities, the race to be on top has finally shown its wear on us. Because of this, we’re seeing a drive to bring nature into the home and return to simplicity while also being conscious of sustainability and the impact our homes have on the environment.

Earth Toned Neutrals
Gray is pretty much out. Here and there and used in the right way, sure, you can never go wrong. But that wash of gray on gray scale covering an entire room has seen its last boring day. Neutrals will always be in high demand. They’re great for flipping a property to attract potential buyers, and they’re easy to work with as a base. In terms of the types of neutrals, though, expect to see more earthy tones; terra cotta, peach/coral, muted greens like olive or eucalyptus, and browns evoke a feeling of being grounded.

The Swiss Army knife will always be useful. Why? Because it serves so many purposes. Well, designers are taking that concept and injecting into furniture and even how rooms are laid out. A coffee table with built-in storage for small things like remotes, to large things like your favorite cozy blanket. Loft beds with a desk or clothes storage underneath. Desks that fold out from the wall and become storage units when put away allow you to combine work and play in the living room.

Nature And Materials
Whether this means building nature into your space (via biophilia) or using natural materials to build or decorate your home, it’s all about authenticity. Rattan is making a huge comeback by way of rugs and furniture. Bamboo isn’t just gorgeous to look at, but it also makes an extremely durable flooring material that’s more sustainable than cotton and regular wood. Biophilia can go beyond just adding a potted plant or fresh flowers to a room. Building spaces for your plants, be it indoor beds or hanging succulents along a wall brings actual life into your room and instantly connects you to nature.

European Influence
Curves ahead! Lizzo’s aren’t the only curves we’re loving these days. Furniture design is taking a page from the European’s book and offering more soft, sloping lines as well as shapes that occur in nature. Rounded back chairs, stone slab end tables, and lighting fixtures that look like an egg have all come out to play and we’re here for it.

Texture And Pattern
Those cute subway tiles blew up in the past few years. They’re timeless, but for the bold and adventurous, using a pattern like herringbone, offers a unique twist on the plain white tile. All white in the kitchen is out and we’re thrilled. You’ll be seeing more bold patterns done in a bold way. Gone is the accent wall. If you’re going to dip your toe into the wallpaper world, jump all in and cover your entire dining room with a sophisticated palm leaf pattern.

Mix And Match
It isn’t only in nature that we find authenticity. Staying true to your style, your essence is key to a unique design. We’re seeing more eclectic tastes play out by mixing styles; old with new, nature with technology, and boho with class. Your home is your haven from the outside world. The biggest influence in your design should be you. A vintage bust set against brightly colored mandela fabrics. You don’t want to go overboard with clutter, but you also don’t have to settle for minimalism, either. Supporting local artisans by purchasing one-of-a-kind pieces not only adds character, but helps your community thrive.

Whether you have high class tastes, farm life dreams, or favor the bold world of color and art, there’s something in these trends for everyone. Go forth and conquer the crazy world by bringing your personality and nature into your next home designs.