The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to renovate. Depending on who does the meal prep, a lot of time is spent in the kitchen. For good reason, too. Planning, preparing, and eating meals at home is an excellent way to stick to a budget and manage your overall health and fitness. Making the room where you devote so much time to that well-being a more pleasant place to spend that time isn’t just worth it for your sanity, it improves the overall value of your home. Rather than go through the long and arduous process of renovating your kitchen (assuming you don’t need major structural changes to improve its efficiency) you can remodel for a much smaller price tag in a relatively quick amount of time. Here’s what we recommend. 

Pick Two

Or three, you could pick three, of these big ticket items; floors, cabinets, counters, and appliances. These are going to cost the most, but also make the biggest impact. Choosing all the options is basically a renovation. For the sake of shaking things up, though, you could replace the countertops and reface your cabinets for a brand new look that will enhance function and style. If you’re refacing your cabinets, explore your options for pull-out shelving in deeper cabinets to maximize storage and accessibility. Whatever pick-two combo you come up with will instantly increase the value and aesthetic.

Energy Efficiency

You don’t have to replace the kitchen sink. But replacing the sink faucet with a high-efficiency model will save you water and money. Updating all your light bulbs to LEDs can help you reign in energy usage. If you go the new appliance route, keep this as your priority requirement. 

New Hardware

This could be installing wine racks under the cabinets to free up some space, replacing the knobs and handles for your cabinet doors and drawers. It could even be replacing the lighting fixtures for something more unique and decorative, making them a functioning part of your design.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint

No room makeover is complete without a new color of paint up on the walls. Because the kitchen is a place full of activity, choose a color that is going to invigorate you. Truly, this could be any color. If you want a little more than just a splash of color, you could also opt for a bold patterned wallpaper. 

Window Trimmings

While you want to replace all the windows in your home to match at the same time, you could always add a little spice to life in your kitchen by updating the treatments. This could be a set of curtains, window valance, or new set of blinds. Small details like this, the paint, and the hardware are seemingly insignificant. However, they only take a day or two to complete and they are the bits and bobs that tie the entire room together.

If your kitchen merely needs a little extra sparkle, you can create some real magic in a quick turnaround. Choosing a few major projects then fleshing out the details is all it takes to turn your drab kitchen into a stunning, like-new room for you to enjoy.