You can’t judge a book by its cover. Just kidding. You totally can. And people totally do. Especially when that book is your house and the cover is its exterior. Curb appeal is a real thing. Not just for potential buyers, but for you, the homeowner, The outside of your house is the first thing to greet you when you arrive home after a long, tiring day of work. It’s worth it to make the outside of your home as beautiful as the inside. More-so if you are in the process of selling. Any of these upgrades will boost the overall value of your home in no time. 


For a major change to your home’s exterior, you can change the actual material of your house. If you’re working with siding, consider fabricated stone veneer for an austere or storybook look. If you live in a warmer climate, stucco is a wonderful option. Made from natural materials, it comes in a variety of colors, and takes paint well if you decide to change your mind later about the color. For a brick house, though, leave it be and resort to painting it to shake things up. Brick is the most durable material for the exterior of your house. A natural material that stores and transfers heat at a very efficient rate, it’s also an excellent sound barrier.

New Doors

You can recoup about 90% of your investment when you purchase a new front and garage doors to match. If you’re going to do one, we recommend doing the other so they either match or compliment each other. Of course, you can always slap a new coat of paint on them and replace your storm door for a really fast, really cheap makeover. Replacing the doors altogether will most likely lead you to some energy savings as new stripping and materials will keep air from seeping out.


Get ready to get back everything you put in! If you’re selling your house, updating the landscape will draw more eyes your way, and bring back the entire amount of the investment. This also provides you with a wonderful opportunity to cut back on the maintenance of your home. Drought proofing – whether it be with natural grasses, rocks, or mulch – your yard will cut down on the amount of time (and water) you use for keeping it neat and tidy. Check with your local horticulture specialist for grasses, bushes, and blooms that will save you water without taking away beauty or life from your front and back yards.

Windows And Treatments

New windows, or adding treatments like shutters and awnings make for a subtle, yet effective new touch. Windows – like everything else home improvement related – are being made to aid in energy efficiency. UV coatings for the glass help filter what types of rays are getting into your house. Gas fillers affect how heat is transferred through your windows. And of course, just like with doors, new windows with new seals help lock in that precious heat and air you run throughout the year.


Saving this for last because it’s expensive and should only be replaced if necessary. Most roofs come with a minimum 20 year guarantee. If the decking of your roof has suffered extreme weather – or worse, termite – damage, then you need to jump on that repair before you do anything else. A functioning roof is vital to each and every home. They’re quite pricey and only bring back about 65% of the investment. You may also have a rebate or tax incentive available to add solar panels to your roof. In that case, especially if net metering exists in your state, then the investment will be well worth it. 

Wanna take going green a step further? You could install a living roof (a roof of grasses and plants) instead of the traditional shingle faire. Living roofs come with a lifetime guarantee, sequester carbon, improve air quality, help insulate your house, control heat index, manage rainwater runoff amazingly, and they are a truly beautiful sight to behold. 

So whether you want to shake things up for your own mental health or to improve your chances of selling your house, the exterior of your home is a great place to start. Alluring to buyers, or a stunning sight to behold as you come home these upgrades are sure to improve the cover of your book. So much so, it’ll be daring people to judge it.