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As we evolve into a more technologically advanced civilization, our current yet ‘futuristic’ tendencies are trickling down into our design aesthetics. Modern technology and its sleek look is reflected in the way we design our homes, and this is ever so evident in newer kitchens. You’ll see clean lines, lots of stainless steel, minimalist finishes and space saving functionality. We’ve gathered some great looks and design tips for creating the perfect modern kitchen; with cabinetry styles, material choices and color options. The goal of a modern kitchen is to provide all of the necessities that a kitchen needs, with...

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Drought Proof Beauty

Did you know that of all the water your home uses, roughly 30% of it goes to maintaining your outdoor areas? And that doesn’t even begin to include pools and other water features. If you’re in the process of reevaluating your landscaping options, might we suggest some water friendly options. You won’t have to settle in the curb appeal department, either. You can save money and create true beauty at the same time. Here’s a little inspiration for your water conscious garden and lawn overhaul. Ground Cover Let’s start with the biggest hurdle: your ground cover. Many people love...

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Top Design Trends of 2020

The roaring twenties are back! Economic crises, closing bars, and all! Now that we’ve had a depressing laugh, we’re with you. Those are not the resurgences we wanted to see. But we’re seeing a 1920s, art deco return as well. That isn’t the only popular trend this season, though. Here’s a look at what’s hot in the world of interior design. A Return To Nature For quite a while now, the grind til you die lifestyle has pervaded our entire existence. Granted, there are still regions where simplicity reigns supreme, but in a world of ever advancing technological capabilities,...

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Tips For Reno Success: Budgeting

Budgeting is crucial to a successful renovation or remodel. Budgeting is also nefarious and difficult to nail down until certain pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place. Not because information isn’t available, rather there’s so much information available and the number of variables are impossible to enummerate. However, that said, these are our top tips for tackling your budget and coming out on top. Research This is going to take the most amount of time. The type of project you’re embarking upon and the number of elements it involves will make this more or less arduous, but it...

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DIY Tips: Paint Edition

Home improvement projects aren’t all knocking down walls and home equity loans. Some things can be done with just a little extra cash and some elbow grease. If you’re bored with a particular room, you could always just change a few little things here and there. Decorative hardware for your cabinets. A new set of pillows, throws and curtains for the living room. One quick makeover that will never go out of style – especially with savvy DIY-ers like yourself – is a fresh paint job. You can literally leave everything else as it is, just slap a new...

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